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Extraordinary Success:

IEC 61850 in Action

15 companies (Areva, ABB, GE, SAT, SEL, Siemens, TMT&D, ZIV, ...) have demonstrated many IEC 61850 compliant devices at the Cigré Technical Exhibition in Paris (France)
30. August - 03. September 2004


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Power delivery systems:
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Overview of the devices connected to the IEC 61850 Station Bus and Process Bus
at the CIGRÉ Exhibition

Brief description of the 15 participating companies [pdf, 715 KB]

May we demonstrate you an IEC 61850 device!

Have you seen all these devices from our competitors?

Come on and see what we have ...

Information Exchange ... all over ...

Baba talks about the benefits of joining the UCA Users Group ...

... it is so important ...

... to join

It is so amazing ...

Look, IEC 61850 provides GOOSE, sampled value transfer,
and Client/Server - sharing one Network.

Where is Mrs. X?

The screen shows you the last 15 GOOSE messages.

High resolution

Dear All, Your attention please ...

What's going on here?

.... the first KEMA IEC 61850 Conformity Attestation ...

High resolution

... for a Siemens device

Hi Clemens and Gerhard: Congratulation !!

High resolution

Now I believe it: IEC 61850 is more than just paper! It is real ...

An open standard - and an open booth ... come in ...

High resolution

... and see the Process Bus, Merging Unit (Sensor Interface) and Station Bus

May I have something to drink please!

Front view ... IEC 61850 all over

Thank you for your explanation! Bye-Bye! You are welcome!

High resolution

More to come next time!

In the meantime: Enjoy Paris ...

High resolution (jpg, 2.6 MB)

Further Information

Advancing Interoperability for the Utility Enterprise was presented at the 40th CIGRE General Session and Exhibition from August 29th through September 3rd, 2004 at the Palais des Congres in Paris, France. There are two main events planned to increase awareness of the users group activities and technologies fostered. More details.

CIGRE 2004 UCA International Users Group meeting Paris:

- All presentations of the morning Session

- All presentations of the afternoon Session

The application of IEC 61850 outside the substation (CIM view of control center, wind power plants, hydro power plants and decentralised energy resources, ...) has been presented at the UCA booth.

Is IEC 61850 competing with UCA 2.0? No! IEC 61850 is the solution - UCA is the brand name. Read the new two page comparison

Invitation to visit the Cigré Technical Exhibition with all details.

UCA International Users Group

Become a member of the UCA International Usersgroup: Membership Brochure

NEW free IEC 61850 Client/Server Demo and MMS Analyser Software
for IEC 61850 / MMS (with Web/XML support) executable on your PC (Win 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP)


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