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Six paper presentations on IEC 61850

at the POWER-GRID Europe

26-28 June 2007
Feria de Madrid
Madrid, Spain

The standard series IEC 61850 is one of the crucial issues discussed in the utility industry ... and beyond in many other industries, e.g., the petro chemical plants, at all voltage levels: high, medium and low voltage transmissioan and distribution networks ... Listen to the experts:

The following six presentations will be given at the POWER-GRID Europe in Madrid:

Tuesday, 26 June, 14:30

Track 2

IEC 61850 - Will IEC 61850 dominate your substation planning?

Paper Session

Moderator: Clemens Hoga, Innovation & Technology Management, Siemens AG

Get the nuts and bolts, ins and outs on this standard. The session will look at network architecture in integrated substations as well as the linking of those substations to control centers and the challenges and opportunities such links present to utilities.

1. Integrated Substation Network Architectures

Ted Witham, Director of International Business Development, GarrettCom, Inc.

2. Beneficial Engineering of IEC 61850 Substation Automation Systems

Heiko Englert, Siemens
Clemens Hoga, Innovation & Technology Management, Siemens AG

3. Using IEC 61850 For Communication Between Substations and From Substation to Control Centre

Christoph Brunner, President and CTO, UTInnovation

4. IEC 61850: Challenges and Opportunities, Experiences from La Venta II Substation

Aberto Rivas Diez, Industrial Engineer, Iberinco
Enrique Gondra, Technician Engineer, General Electric ї Multilin
Abraham Romero Bugarin, Transmission & Distribution SA de CV. Rep. GE Multilin
Rogelio Efrain Garcia, Industrial Engineer, Siemens Mesoamérica
Julian Alzate Jiraldo, Industrial Engineer, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories SA de CV
Igor Auzokoa, Team Arteche
Rodolfo Pereda, Team Arteche
Emilio Quintela Sutil, ZIV P+C

5. The Application of IEC 61850 to Substation Automation Systems

Miguel Pernes, Local Division Manager, ABB S.A.
Carlos Caetano, Application Engineer, ABB, S.A.

Wednesday, 27 June, 14:30

Track 2

Connecting DG and Renewables to the Grid - The recipe for mixing wind and DG into the grid system.

Paper Session

Moderator: Richard Charnah, T&D Technology Director, Areva

PowerGrid Europe, in conjunction with Renewable Energy Europe, offers this combined session: a look at the practicality of linking distributed generation and renewable energy to the power grid. The challenges in overcoming the connection gap in this area will be dissected and solutions presented.

6. The Application of IEC 61850 for Wind Power Plants

Karlheinz Schwarz, Schwarz Consulting Company


The application of the international standard series IEC 61850 (Communication networks and systems in substations) is growing rapidly in many projects all over. Historically the focus of IEC 61850 was on the communication between automation equipment in an electrical substation. The experts have believed from the very beginning that all basic definitions could be used in many other application domains in- and outside the electrical power delivery system. Various groups have already defined how the standard IEC 61850 can be used in other domains within the elec-tric power system. The wind power plant industry has published four standards (IEC 61400-25) that describe the use and extensions of IEC 61850 for wind power plant applications.

The first four parts of the International Standard IEC 61400-25 (Communications for monitoring and control of wind power plants) of the IEC Technical Committee 88 (Wind Turbines) have been published in January 2007. IEC 61400-25 provides uniform information (e.g., rotor speed) and information exchange for monitoring and control as well as condition monitoring of wind power plants.

The standard will eliminate the many proprietary communication systems utilizing a wide variety of protocols. The definition of information and the exchange with different wind power plants in-dependent of vendors is a crucial issue. It enables components from different vendors to easily communicate with other components, at any location and at any time. Object-oriented data struc-tures make the engineering and handling of huge amounts of information provided by wind power plants less time-consuming, more efficient and less error-prone.

The IEC 61400-25 standard is a basis for simplifying the roles that the wind turbine and SCADA systems have to play. The crucial part of the wind power plant information, information exchange methods are standardized; the first standardized communication stack (according to IEC 61850-8-1) is available and referenced in the draft standard part IEC 61400-25-4.

The standard series IEC 61400-25 builds a basis to which procurement specifications and con-tracts could easily refer to. Several wind turbine manufacturer and other third-party turbine con-troller manufacturers are implementing IEC 61400-25. Compliant products are expected to be available in 2007. Due to the use of IEC 61850 for IEC 61400-25 it is possible to use IEC 61850 compliant implementations of SCADA systems and many standard compliant tools like engineer-ing and configuration tools and network analyzers.

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