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IEC 61850, IEC 61400-25
IEC 60870-5-101, -103, -104
IEC 60870-6-TASE.2 (ICCP)

IEC 61970 CIM, DNP3, ... Smart Grid

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... for any kind of power delivery system

What is IEC 61850 (IEC 61400-25) - one page overview

IEC 61850 News Blog

All details and registrations, contact us ...

1. Kurse in DEUTSCH

Karlheinz Schwarz (seit 25 Jahren zu Ihren Diensten!)

Neues Format für viertägiges IEC 61850 Seminar im Dezember 2016 in Karlsruhe

Der Bedarf an guter mehrtägiger Schulung kollidiert oft der notwendigen Anwesenheit am Arbeitsplatz! Die NettedAutomation GmbH hat jetzt eine Antwort für Sie gefunden:Wir bieten bieten vom

05.-08. Dezember 2017 in Karlsruhe 

14.-17. Mai 2018 in Karlsruhe
04.-07. Dezember 2018 in Karlsruhe

drei Seminarblöcke (1 Tag, 2 Tage und 1 Tag) 

an, die einzeln oder in Kombination gebucht werden können. Sie entscheiden selbst, ob Sie nur einen Tag von Ihrem Arbeitsplatz fern bleiben möchten oder zwei, drei oder vier. Je nachdem, welche Zeit und welchen Bedarf Sie haben.

Am ersten Tag wird ein Überblick über das Normungsumfeld und die einzelnen Normen gegeben. Im Mittelpunkt stehen dabei die grundlegenden Eigenschaften und Bedeutung der Normenreihe IEC 61850 für Systemdesign, System- und Geräteengineering, Datenmodellierung, Datenmodelle, Kommunikationsmöglichkeiten (Client/Server, Publisher/Subscriber) und Sicherheitslösungen.

Am zweiten Tag werden die Modellierungsmethode, die vielfältigen Modelle (Logische Knoten), die Kommunikationsdienste und -protokolle und die System-Konfigurations-Sprache (SCL) im Detail vorgestellt.

Am dritten Tag werden anhand vieler praktischer SCL-Beispiele Systembeschreibungen (SSD), Systemkonfigurationen (SCD), Gerätekonfigurationen (ICD und CID für Server/Publisher, Client/Subscriber und Server/Subscriber) diskutiert, erstellt und formal geprüft. Dabei kommt eine Reihe von Werkzeugen und Geräten zum Einsatz.

Am vierten Tag wird das Erlernte in praktischen Übungen mit marktgängigen Geräten und Werkzeugen vertieft.

Sie können den 1. Tag, den 2. und 3. Tag sowie den 4. Tag getrennt oder in jeder Kombination buchen!

Mit unserer Schulung bereiten wir Sie hervorragend auf neue Herausforderungen vor!


05.-08. Dezember 2017

14.-17. Mai 2018

04.-07. Dezember 2018


Details und Anmeldungsformular


Kontaktieren Sie uns bei Fragen


2. Special Public Courses in ENGLISH for Protection Engineers and SCADA Engineers

5 days comprehensive training

Andrea Bonetti (Senior Protection Engineer)
Karlheinz Schwarz (Senior Communication and SCADA Engineer)

FMTP and NettedAutomation offer the most comprehensive and vendor-independent education and practical training courses – they combine their knowledge and practical experience with substation control and protection (Mr Andrea Bonetti who worked for ABB, Megger, and STRI) and communication technology and SCADA (Mr Karlheinz Schwarz).

During the seminar, truly experienced engineers will help you to see and understand how use the core parts of the IEC 61850 standard are applied in substation design, engineering, configuration, communication methods for real-time information exchange, monitoring, protection and control applications. You will learn from a senior protection engineer, how protection will improve and understand the crucial lessons learned since the first projects with IEC 61850 in 2004.

The new phase of training with real devices and solutions to work with during the public 4 day training courses and the reorganized and extended program of the 4 day course is as follows and has been well received in 2014:

1 day           Introduction and Basics on IEC 61850 (and brief comparison with IEC 60870-5-104, DNP3, ... Edition 1, 2, 2.1, ...)

Hands-on exercises (SCADA) by Karlheinz Schwarz (NettedAutomation):

1 1/2 days    Configuring and using IEC 61850 Server for monitoring and control and publisher/subscriber using IEC 61850 SCL and IEC 60870-5-104, analyzing IEC 61850 and IEC 60870-5-104 messages, trouble shooting, ...
Configuring and using embedded (and browser) Clients using IEC 61850 SCL and configuring gateways to IEC 60870-5-104 and proxy server to IEC 61850 server; demonstration of IEC 61850 Client to OPC UA Server, ...

Hands-on exercises (Protection) by Andrea Bonetti (FMTP)

1 1/2 days    Impact of IEC 61850 on Protection (using real protection relays, e.g., from ABB, Protecta, Siemens, ...) and Testing Functions (using real test equipment, e.g., from Megger, Omicron, Protecta, ...); learn from a senior protection engineer, how protection will improve.

We have added one extra day (day 5), with group practical exercises and guest speakers from a well-known Power utility and OPAL RT real time testing of power systems for IEC 61850 environment.

Attendees will get various tools to be used during the exercises.

Most of these tools can be taken home.

Karlsruhe (Germany)*


10.-13. October 2017
(4 days)


Details and Registration


* Karlsruhe could be easily reached, e.g., by train from Frankfurt Airport within 1 hour.



18-22 September 2017

Details and Registration

hot3. NEW Special Public Course in ENGLISH

3 days general comprehensive seminar

Andrea Bonetti (Senior Protection Engineer)
Karlheinz Schwarz (Senior Communication and SCADA Engineer)

With the focus on protection and control in HV/MV substations, power generation (PV, Wind, DER, Hydro), distribution systems using Client/Server, GOOSE, SV, SCADA, and SCL Language


11-13 July 2017
Details and Registration

Visit the IEC 61850 News Blog What is IEC 61850 (IEC 61400-25)? - one page overview

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Many new training courses:

  • In addition to the general training modules (you can chose from) we have added a SPECIAL comprehensive training on IEC 60870-5-101/104 (sample program) contact us for more details.
  • Basics of power system information integration and automation
  • IEC 61850 (Communication networks and systems in substations) (info on standard)
  • IEC 61400-25 (Communication for wind power plants) (info on standard)
  • IEC 61970-301 (Energy management system application program interface (EMS-API) - Part 301: Common Information Model (CIM)) (info on CIM)
  • IEC 60870-5-101/104 (Telecontrol equipment and systems - Part 5-104: Transmission protocols - Network access for IEC 60870-5-101 using standard profiles) (info on standard)
  • NEW: ISO 9506 (MMS - Manufacturing Message Specification) (info on standard)
  • ICCP (Inter control center communication protocol; IEC 60870-6-TASE.2)
  • DNP3 (Distributed Network Protocol)
  • ...

Get first-hand, up-to-date, vendor-independent, comprehensive and neutral
knowledge and experience

from Karlheinz Schwarz

Feedback from the industry (June 2008):

”By the way, I visited ... two weeks ago, and you were then named as THE guru on IEC 61850 and your recommendations to utilities on how to approach IEC 61850 were cited as the unquestionable truth on IEC 61850. I agreed. Keep up the good work!" (A.J.)

NettedAutomation has dramatically increased the numbers of courses since 2007.

More than 400 attendees have been trained in 2013:

By end of 2014 I have trained more than 3700 experts from more than 800 organizations and 80 countries.

The power utility industry (and many other markets) are in the process of one of the most crucial changes in history:

  1. process of introducing decentralized power resources speeds up
  2. aging of primary and secondary equipment
  3. increasing challenges with information integration at all levels - from substation to control centers
  4. advanced automation, IT, and communication systems
  5. several new power system standards just published
  6. aging workforce
  7. less students studying power system technology
  8. deregulation requires more flexibility
  9. increasing need for gateways, RTUs, data concentrators, proxies, ...

We have been asked to provide our comprehensive experience and knowledge to the power industry to help keeping the lights on.

To meet the various and special requirements best we offer two ways to train people most efficiently:

Public and in-house Seminars:

  • Public: content (covering general introduction into power system automation, IEC 61850, IEC 61970, IEC 61400-25, IEC 60870-5-101/104, ...)
  • In-house: seminar contents on request (focusing on special modules from the list of modules)

Example of training Program for 3 1/2 days in-house course for a power plant DCS vendor [0.5 MB, pdf]

Example program for a 5 day in-house training (2010-01) for a system integrator [pdf, 150 KB]

Training modules for seminars (for public and in-house)

The following modules are offered by NettedAutomation. The list represents the most crucial seminar content asked for during the last months. This list allows to meet the special needs of any audiance. [all modules - updated 2010-02-01,pdf]

If you want to attend a public course: check available locations and dates

If you prefer an in-house course: check here

Contact us ...

Recent events

India very likely to become THE crucial market for IEC 61850; The International Workshop on IEC 61850 in Bangalore/India (April 25-28, 2006, by Karlheinz Schwarz) with 350 attendees was an unforgettable event (2006-05-01):

350 experts from India and other countries are listening to Karlheinz Schwarz

Daejeon (Korea) 28. Febr. - 2. March 2005

Torreon (Mexico) 18.-20. April 2005

... join the voyage to successful IEC 61850 implementations and applications!

The standard series IEC 61850 (Communication networks and systems in substations) is the basis for substation automation and many other application domains in the electric power delivery system, e. g., wind power plants, DER (decentralized energy resources), hydro power plants, power quality monitoring, condition monitoring of any power system equipment etc. Hundreds of IEC 61850 compliant substations with several thousand IEDs have already been sold and will be in operation by end of 2006. Many products have already been field proven. Utilities all over trust the new technology "IEC 61850 inside" for substations and other applications.

Many vendors all over have been challenged by the utility industry to offer IEC 61850 interfaces for their devices in the near future. You may seek for help on the application or implementation.

We provide all the necessary training. Some thousand people have attended our excellent general courses on IEC 61850. The training courses will be hold by people who know about the needs for the application and implementation of the standards: IEC 61850, IEC 61400-25, ISO 9506 (MMS), ISO 8824/25 (ASN.1), Web services,…

Karlheinz Schwarz, Karlsruhe/Germany
Editor of IEC 61850 and IEC 61400-25 (Communications for wind power plants)
Member of IEC TC 57 WG 10, WG 17 (DER), and WG 18 (Hydro power plants), WG 19 (Harmonization)
Member of IEC TC 88 PT 25 (IEC 61400-25-1 ...5)
Convenor of IEC TC 88 project IEC 61400-25-6 (Information models for Condition Monitoring Systems) and ISO TC 184 SC 5 WG 2 (MMS)

Personal experience, capabilities, of Karlheinz Schwarz ... introduction on IEC 61850, training modules, feedback from attendees, list of companies, countries, and pictures
(updated 2015-04-11) [pdf, 4.3 MB]

Papers, Demonstration and Open Source Software

NettedAutomation provides up-to-date help:


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