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Syntax of MMS Version 2000

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The official publication of the MMS version 2000 has some syntax errors. Therefore NEMA has removed the syntax from their website. We expect a new MMS version in a few months.
More details can be found in the pdf document:

Information on
Industrial automation systems --
Manufacturing Message Specification
ISO 9506; first edition 2000-08-15

1. HTML Format

The following four pages provide the complete MMS ASN.1 version 1999 syntax as html files for easy browsing the syntax trees.

  • MMS objects contains the MMS object definitions from ISO 9506 part 1.

  • MMS syntax contains the MMS message syntax from ISO 9506 part 2.

  • MMS Configuration Implementation Statement (CIS) contains the complete device description (VMD File) in ASN.1 syntax - new in MMS 1999 edition. The MMS ASN.1 syntax can be easily converted to XML Schema.

  • MMS environment contains the information with regard to the underlying communication stack.

    Because of the length of the pages and links between the four pages, we recommend you to download all four html pages as one zipped file. You may then browse through the syntax tree on your local computer.

    2. PDF Format

    Download a PDF formatted file that contains the complete syntax in PDF format.

    3. ASCII Format

    The MMS protocol is contained in four ASN.1 modules.

      mms-object-model-version1 - in ISO/IEC 9506-1
      mms-abstract-syntax-version1 - in ISO/IEC 9506-2
      mms-environment-version1 - in ISO/IEC 9506-2
      mms-file-record-version1 - in ISO/IEC 9506-2

    Consult the standard documents for the contents of these modules.

    These four modules are combined in the files presented here.

    There are three files in a set, to be downloaded from NEMA:

    MMS.TXT - This file contains the four ASN.1 modules published in the second edition text in which the IF - ENDIF blocks have been removed. This file has been tested for syntactic conformity with ASN.1 standard by parsing with the OSS ASN.1 parser. This file contains references to elements defined in the ACSE standard. Therefore, when compiling this program by itself, an ASN.1 compiler will complain of unsatisfied references.

    ACSE.TXT - This file was created solely to satisfy the ACSE references in MMS.TXT so that an ASN.1 compiler will not complain. In any real application, this file should be replaced with a file supplying real links to ACSE (or ACSE-like) support facilities.

    MMSTOTAL.TXT - This file contains the four ASN.1 modules in the form published in the second edition text. Refer to clause 5.3.2 of ISO/IEC 9506-1 to understand how to interpret the IF-ENDIF pairs in this notation. Because of the inclusion of these pre-processor directives, this module will not compile with a standard ASN.1 processor.


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